Problems with opening and closing Upvc doors and windows

As Upvc doors and windows age they can become difficult to open and close. Sometimes this is due to poor initial installation but often the problem lies with wear on the hinges, locks or handles. Many later doors have adjustable hinges, particularly on conservatory french doors. We are able to adjust these to re-align the doors and ensure they close without effort. Older doors often have non adjustable hinges, we are able to replace these for the modern 3 way adjustable hinge bringing a new lease of life to the doors. Upvc windows, particularly if they are frequently used also suffer from wear on the hinge , we can easily replace the hinges and ensure they close correctly. Locks and handles also can wear out, again we can renew or upgrade these. In some case the glass in a door or window has not been packed correctly allowing the frame to distort over time, we can remove the glass, fit glass spacers correctly and make the door or window a perfect fit again

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